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Kryda's Adventures

Kryda is a young impetuous dwarf from a small, quiet village.  She's always been more rambuctious than the other villagers with a wild imagination and a calling to leave behind all that is expected of her and everyone she loves to find a new purpose and love that reaches well beyond her home and family.

Just before coming of age and settling into a simple village life, Kryda runs away from home in search of adventure.  The calling is more than simple wanderlust for this young dwarf, who finds herself surrounded by a mysterious and deadly disease affecting all forms of life. Time is not on her side; she must learn the ways of the outside world, battle and camaraderie, before the blight gets out of control.

Beginnings front cover
Spirit front cover

Book 2

New members, new powers and new responsibilities await in the next steps of Kryda's journey.  Not only does she venture further than SHE ever has before, the crew are pushed to scout areas that have been avoided at all costs for generations.

"I will not succeed, not with all of you."

-- Colonel Quaritch, Avatar

Book 3

Kryda and her team will be put to the test facing new foes and terrain with the help of world changing technologies.  After centuries of isolation, Thornvale will be open to the rest of Yunalia once again where the crew hope to find answers to their plight in the histories of the lands.


Get the first three books all together in hardcover with exclusive cover art and world map.

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