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Finally, fairs have come again.

When I first launched my book, I had so many grand plans to attend fairs, conferences, hold readings at my favourite shops... That was in February of 2020.

With any kind of social activity indefinitely on hold, I did come up with other ways to get word out about my book, but I didn't have it in me to follow through with most of them. We all had our ways of coping with the insanity of the world around us and I dove into LEARNING more about publishing and marketing rather than doing the things I'd already planned. There was also a lot of dissociating...gaming, dnd, reading. After two years of little to no socializing, I became even more of an introvert than I'd always been and it was really difficult to get back out there.

The Northern Ontario BookFair was just what I needed to remind myself that actually meeting people can be really exciting and rewarding. I had so much fun at my booth, meeting fellow authors and bibliophiles, talking about my book and dreaming up ways to present myself at future fairs.

Unfortunately, this season is nearly over but I have a fire under my butt now to find more shows to attend next year and lots of ideas for my displays. I look forward to seeing everyone at next year's Northern Ontario BookFair with book 2 of Kryda's Adventures: Spirit!

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